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Форматирование и Wikitext
Формат текста

Самые основные форматы


Кратко о ссылках на картинки и галереии

Расположение картинок на странице



Структурирование статей текста

Разбивка статьи на секции и автоматическое оглавлениеСтруктурирование по категориям (то есть перекрестные ссылки внизу страниц - для этого достаточно расположить на странице такую штуку: [[Category:Название категории]])






Развернутые примеры


Глобальные секции страницы
Редактирование главной навигационной панели

Найти сответствующую навигационной панели "статью" можно тут: MediaWiki:Sidebar

Осторожно! Исправления коснутся дизайна всего сайта! Эта панель имеет особый синтаксис, отличный от Wikitext! см. описание [[1]]


Права пользователей: special:userrights

Описание: http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Help:User_rights

Запрещения: Preventing Access, Setting permissions,Limit Edits, Registrations, Private Namespaces for Gruops

Hidden pages: http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Hidden_pages

Creating new namespaces: http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Help:Custom_namespaces

How do I change a user's password?

Assuming that $wgPasswordSalt is set to true (the default), you can use the following SQL query:

 UPDATE user SET user_password = MD5(CONCAT(user_id, '-',
 MD5('somepass'))) WHERE user_name = 'someuser';

Where obviously "somepass" is changed to the password you want to set and "someuser" is changed to the user name as it is listed in the table "user".

Note: the user_id in the CONCAT string is a column name and is not meant to be replaced with 'someuser'

How do I purge cached pages?

You can use ?action=purge on individual pages to update their cache dates. There is a global $wgCacheEpoch variable which can be set in LocalSettings.php to invalidate all prior cache entries (see DefaultSettings.php) If you want to purge all pages in the parser cache, truncate objectcache table from the wiki database. You may use this command:

TRUNCATE TABLE objectcache; Hint: If this fails, you might be using a prefix for your database tables!

How do I change which page is the "Main Page"?

Visit the MediaWiki:Mainpage

How do I permanently remove old revisions?

A description of how to permanently remove the histories of all current pages is only available for the older versions of mediawiki. How can this be done for the new Version? PHP Script? SQL?

This is the version 1.5.5 workaround that I have come up with on how to permanently remove the histories of current pages from your database. The first step is to go to the page that you would like to delete the revision history of. The Second step is to actually delete that page. The third step is to select restore deleted page from the screen that pops up after deleting the page. Restore only the latest revision of your page. Then log on to phpmyadmin or your favorite db tool and go to your database. Select the archive table from your database and select to empty or truancate it.

This should leave your database nice and clean of all of the former revision entries for that page. (However you might have to control-refresh or clear your history to view the changes when you browse your site.)

How do I change default user preferences?

The following applies to MediaWiki 1.4 and later.

The MediaWiki default user preferences are in the language file, i.e. languages/Language.php if you're using English. Don't edit that file, just use it for reference, like you do with DefaultSettings.php.

Say if you want to change the default number of search results on a page. Language.php says:

  /* private */ $wgDefaultUserOptionsEn = array(
      'searchlimit'            => 20,

To change it to 50, put this in your LocalSettings.php:

$wgDefaultUserOptions = array( 'searchlimit' => 50 );

Note that you are setting $wgDefaultUserOptions, which contains the site overrides, not $wgDefaultUserOptionsEn, which contains the software defaults. Any settings in $wgDefaultUserOptions will override those set in the language file.

This override mechanism was introduced in MediaWiki 1.4, before then, you had to change the language file. Because this was very inconvenient, two special-case overrides were introduced before the current general override system was developed.

To change the default skin, in any version of MediaWiki, set $wgDefaultSkin in LocalSettings.php to the lowercase name of the skin.

To change the default namespaces to be searched, in any version of MediaWiki, set $wgNamespacesToBeSearchedDefault in LocalSettings.php to an array mapping namespace indexes to boolean values. For example, to search the main namespace and the category namespace, use:

  $wgNamespacesToBeSearchedDefault = array(
     NS_MAIN => true,
     NS_CATEGORY => true,

In some cases, after you change a default user preference, you may also want to change the user preferences of all existing user accounts. This requires some database hacking. To continue the previous two examples, to change the number of search results, run the following query:

  UPDATE user SET user_options = REPLACE(user_options, 'searchlimit=20', 'searchlimit=50');

To search categories by default, use:

  UPDATE user SET user_options = REPLACE(user_options, 'searchNs14=0', 'searchNs14=1');

14 is the index of the category namespace. See Help:Namespace for a list.

Тут все сложно и для админов. Читайте памятку Как редакиторовать?

List of namespaces (Пространства имён) и как увидеть все страницы в namespace

The two pseudo-namespaces, main namespace and 15 auxiliary namespaces in this project (Meta) are as follows (the variables for them are also shown):

Variables Alternate syntax List of all pages Nr. of pages Notes
{{ns:-2}} {{ns:Media}} "Media"   pseudo-namespace for images and other files themselves, as opposed to the image description pages; see also below
{{ns:-1}} {{ns:Special}} "Special"   pseudo-namespace for special pages (list: Special:Specialpages)
{{ns:-0}} {{ns:Main}} main main namespace, no prefix, or optionally a colon (this is needed when using the page as template)
{{ns:1}} {{ns:Talk}} Talk see Help:Talk page for this and the following odd-numbered namespaces
{{ns:2}} {{ns:User}} User logged-in users (list: Special:Listusers) have a user homepage User:username (linked to by the system from user names in lists of edits, e.g. on page histories, and from signatures on talk pages); this and subpages of it can be used to present oneself, for project-related bookmarks, and for drafts, tests, and other working material. One can put here material to give oneself one-step access to it from any page in the same project, and one can put here links to give oneself two-step access to the link targets from any page in the same project as the user page. For users who do not log in, the same applies, with the IP as username. Dynamic IPs are a complication.
{{ns:3}} {{ns:User_talk}} User talk  
{{ns:4}} {{ns:Project}} биософт-м the project namespace for matters about the project, such as guidelines and discussions; see also the [[Help:|Help:]] namespace
{{ns:5}} {{ns:Project_talk}} биософт-м talk  
{{ns:6}} {{ns:Image}} File images and other uploaded files, with image description pages (list: Special:Imagelist)
{{ns:7}} {{ns:Image_talk}} File talk  
{{ns:8}} {{ns:MediaWiki}} MediaWiki system messages (list: Special:Allmessages), editable by users, or if protected, by sysops
{{ns:9}} {{ns:MediaWiki_talk}} MediaWiki talk  
{{ns:10}} {{ns:Template}} Template the default namespace for templates: the wikitext code {{name }} refers to and includes the page Template:name
{{ns:11}} {{ns:Template_talk}} Template talk  
{{ns:12}} {{ns:Help}} Help typically used for the MediaWiki User's Guide, with the wikitext a frequently refreshed copy of the master version on Meta-Wikipedia, but with project-specific templates
{{ns:13}} {{ns:Help_talk}} Help talk  
{{ns:14}} {{ns:Category}} Category each page (list: Special:Categories) represents a category of pages, with each category page displaying a list of pages in that category and optional additional text.
{{ns:15}} {{ns:Category_talk}} Category talk  

Note that all characters of namespace prefixes are case-insensitive, so one can write e.g "mediawiki".

/* private */ $wgNamespaceNamesEn = array(
	NS_MEDIA            => 'Media',
	NS_SPECIAL          => 'Special',
	NS_MAIN	            => '',
	NS_TALK	            => 'Talk',
	NS_USER             => 'User',
	NS_USER_TALK        => 'User_talk',
	NS_WIKIPEDIA        => $wgMetaNamespace,
	NS_WIKIPEDIA_TALK   => $wgMetaNamespace . '_talk',
	NS_IMAGE            => 'Image',
	NS_IMAGE_TALK       => 'Image_talk',
	NS_MEDIAWIKI        => 'MediaWiki',
	NS_MEDIAWIKI_TALK   => 'MediaWiki_talk',
	NS_TEMPLATE         => 'Template',
	NS_TEMPLATE_TALK    => 'Template_talk',
	NS_HELP             => 'Help',
	NS_HELP_TALK        => 'Help_talk',
	NS_CATEGORY	    => 'Category',
	NS_CATEGORY_TALK    => 'Category_talk'
Детальный список специальных (программных) страниц

Special pages 

Special:Specialpages : A list of all special pages for all users.

Recent changes

Special:Recentchanges : The latest edits in the project.

Upload file 

Special:Upload : Upload a file to the wiki.

Image list 

Special:Imagelist : List of images uploaded that can be sorted by size or date

New images 

Special:Newimages : Gallery of new files.

User list Special:Listusers : A list of all registered users. For some project families, notably Wikia, this applies for the whole family.

Admins list 

Special:Listadmins : A list of all Administrators, same as Special:Listusers/sysops.


Special:Statistics : total number of pages and users

Random page 

Special:Randompage : redirects to a random page from the main namespace which is not a redirect. Other namespaces can be specified as a parameter, eg: Special:Randompage/Talk.

Orphaned pages 

Special:Lonelypages : Lonely articles.

Uncategorized pages

 Special:Uncategorizedpages : Pages without category tags (note that after adding a tag to a page refreshing this page does not immediately reflects the change)

Unused images 


Wanted pages 

Special:Wantedpages : Articles which have been requested / most wanted, specifically those that have at least 2 incoming links, but do not exist.

Short pages 

Special:Shortpages - pages in the main namespace, with size (of the wikitext excluding that of templates used) in bytes, in order of increasing size

Long pages 

Special:Longpages - pages in the main namespace, with size in bytes, in order of decreasing size

New pages 

Special:Newpages : Newest pages with creation date and time, current size, user who created the page, and first edit summary, in reverse order of creation.

Oldest pages 

Special:Ancientpages - pages in the main namespace, with creation date and time, in order of creation

Dead-end pages 

Special:Deadendpages : Pages without any outgoing links.

All pages 

Special:Allpages : all pages in a specified namespace in alphabetical order, including redirects (unfortunately without showing which are redirects); is on Wikimedia sometimes temporarily disabled.

From MediaWiki 1.5 one can also select all namespaces except a specified one; thus, although one cannot have a single list of all pages, one can select a small namespace and use the invert option, to get almost all pages. Namespace prefixes are given, but the sortkey is the pagename without prefix.

All system messages 

Special:Allmessages : Displays all pages in the MediaWiki namespace.

Pages starting with a given prefix 

Special:Prefixindex; if the last character of the prefix is a space or underscore it is ignored. One of many important applications is to find subpages with "fullpagename/".

Links to a URL with a given prefix 

Special:Linksearch : Provides for each link on the wiki project the wiki page name (linked) and the full link target (also as a link). Special characters like colons not supported, leading wildcard * okay; they can represent one or more full domain name components only, e.g. *.ns.nl, *.eu.

List of blocked IP addresses and usernames 

Special:Ipblocklist : Blocked IPs and usernames

Book sources 

Special:Booksources : ISBN Book Sources


Special:Categories : shows the number of members, see also Help:DPL

Uncategorized categories 


Export pages 

Special:Export : Produces an XML file containing the wikitext and metadata of either the current version only, or all revisions, of one or more pages, specified in the form of a list; the XML file is in the format required for Special:Import; exporting is typically done either in preparation of applying the latter at another MediaWiki project, or for searching within old page revisions. See Help:Export and import.


Special:Version : The version of the software the site is currently running

Wiki matrix 

Special:SiteMatrix : list of all projects


Special:Captcha on projects supporting this feature.

Confirm my email address


My preferences Special:Preferences : Select preferences to customise the appearance and behaviour of the software. For some project families, notably Wikia, this applies for the whole family. See Help:Preferences.

My watchlist 

Special:Watchlist : Show the pages you are watching. (Watchlist help)

My page 

Special:Mypage : Link to the user page of the user who follows it.

My talk page 

Special:Mytalk : Link to the talk page of the user who follows it.


Special:Userlogin : Creates new login HTTP cookie


Special:Userlogout : Destroys cookie, see also Privacy policy.

Restricted special pages

Block user 

Special:Blockip : Sysop only. Used to block or unblock users, IPs and ranges of IPs.

Import pages 

Special:Import : Sysop only. Imports the wikitext and metadata of one or more revisions of one or more pages by uploading an XML file in the format produced by Special:Export (typically after applying the latter at another MediaWiki project). See Help:Export and import.

Restore deleted page 

Special:Undelete : Sysop only. One way to undelete a page.

Make a user into a sysop 

Special:Makesysop : Bureaucrat only.

Get user IP 

Special:CheckUser :see Help:CheckUser and Special:Listusers.Template:UnclearSpecial:Oversight : see Special:Listusers.

Lock database 

Special:Lockdb : Developer only. Puts the wiki in read only mode.

Unlock database 

Special:Unlockdb : Developer only. Puts the wiki in read/write mode.

Show process list 

Special:ShowProcesslist : Developer only.

Currently unavailable special pages

SQL query 

Special:Asksql : Sysop only. Database interface for running queries. Currently disabled.

Unicode Converter 

Special:UnicodeConverter : Converts Unicode to HTML entities : Not currently available outside of the test wiki

Popular pages 

Special:Popularpages : The most visited pages. Currently disabled.

Wikimedia Board of Trustees election 

Special:Boardvote : Voting software for the now finished elections

Arbitration committee election 

Special:ArbComVote : ditto for the finished Arbitration Committee elections.

  • Special:Log- combined display of upload, deletion, protection, blocking, and sysop logs. You can narrow down the view by selecting a log type, the user name (case-sensitive!), or the affected page (usual case-sensitivity, but full name required, e.g. "Image:Map South Holland.png".
  • Block log- blocks and unblocks
  • Deletion log- deleted and undeleted pages
  • Protection log- protected and unprotected pages
  • Upload log - list of images uploaded
  • Special pages can be linked to as usual, likeSpecial:Recentchanges.
  • Special pages requiring a target page may give an error message if the target is not supplied:



or prompt for the target if it was not supplied yet; with target the link is e.g.


  • Special pages requiring a target user:

Special:Contributions/Jimbo Wales

  • Special page allowing a starting page:

Special:Allpages/Template (Standard prefixes are ignored, compare 

Special:Allpages/Template:C and Special:Allpages/Templat:C)

In some cases the full URL has to be given, like an external link, for example http://www.biosoft-m.ru/w/wiki.phtml?title=Special:Recentchanges&days=3&limit=10 (last 10 changes).